GODSENT Resets: A New Chapter Amid Sponsorship Setbacks



In a dramatic turn, GODSENT bids farewell to its Counter-Strike roster following a sponsorship withdrawal by Coolbet, which shook the organization’s financial stability. This pivot comes after a challenging period marked by a dip to 141st in global rankings and a win rate of just 20% in recent months. The Swedish team, once boasting talents like “⁠ztr⁠,” “⁠draken⁠,” and “⁠Plopski⁠,” peaked at 43rd but has faced setbacks, leading to a comprehensive roster release.

Despite these hurdles, GODSENT’s commitment to Swedish Counter-Strike remains unshaken. They plan to build a new team, focusing on southern Swedish talent, embodying their culture and competitive vision. As GODSENT embarks on this journey of rejuvenation, the esports world watches eagerly for what’s next in their saga.


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